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Ken Wydro: Man of the Theater
Portrait of Ken Wydro

Photo credit: Chris Messina

Playwright, Lyricist & Author

Original Musicals

Ken Wydro has co-written the book and lyrics for six original musicals, all of which have recouped their preproduction costs and have gone into profit. MAMA, I WANT TO SING, which ran for eight years (1983-1991) and 2500 performances at the Heckscher Theater, off-Broadway in New York, MAMA, I WANT TO SING: The Story Continues (1990-1991), BORN TO SING: Mama 3 (1995-1996), SING, HARLEM, SING (2008-2013), ALIVE! — 55+ AND KICKIN’ (2013-present), WE ARE! — The All Teens Musical (2014-present). These shows have had long runs in New York City, and have toured nationally and internationally.

Original Dramas

SECRETS; THE UNTOLD STORY OF SIGMUND FREUD AND CARL JUNG is the dramatization of the real life story of the relationship between two icons and pioneers of psychoanalysis. Based on the 1000 letters exchanged by Freud and Jung in the early 1900s, this play charts the course of so many love affairs — courtship, honeymoon, disillusionment, and divorce.

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Lyrics by Ken Wydro
Music by Ensemble


Strong winds may blow around us
Hurricanes may hit the shore
Buildings drop like matchsticks
There are cries from every door
Around, the world lies shattered
Crimes and looting in the streets
Yet, some stand calm and quiet
At the center, there is peace

There is peace, there is peace
Peace at the center

From BORN TO SING (Mama 3)


FLYING SOLO: The New Art of Living Single
1978 Putnam Publishing Group.

1981 Simon & Schuster.

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Alive! assembled cast

From ALIVE! The Patriarch and Matriarch, Matthew Brown and Sharon Patrick at the Dempsey Theater in 2014. Photo credit: Carol Rosegg.

SECRETS was performed at the Freud Museum in London in 2012, and had an off-Broadway production at the Barrow Group Theater on West 36th Street in New York in 2013.

NIGHT FALL, currently in development, is about the turmoil and upheaval people go through during the First Saturn Return at 29 years of age and during the Second Saturn Return at the age of 58 to 59. A classic love triangle, NIGHT FALL is passionate and revealing, The play will have industry readings in New York and London in 2015.

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Selection from "Faith Can Move a
Lyrics by Ken Wydro
    and Vy Higginsen
Vocals by Kathy Murphy Jackson